Help students understand who they truly are and how best to approach college

Innate Advisor

Innate Advisor™ is a platform designed for advisors to help students understand who they truly are based on the education sector’s most reliable assessment (97% accuracy) and guiding them through a proven approach towards college.

The Innate Advisor™ Platform provides:

  • Unlimited Student Assessments (free)
  • Personalized College Essay Writing Tool (free)
  • Customized College Scholarship Search Tool (free)
  • College Major & Career Matching Tool (optional)
  • Perfect College Match Tool (optional)


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"Innate Advisor has streamlined my efforts to engage students in preparing for college, while giving students insight into their individual identity."

Arnie K, High School Counselor

Unlimited Free Student Assessments

(only takes 10 minute)

Assessment Results

  • How they are innately wired
  • What make them ‘Unique’
  • Learning Styles & Environments
  • Strengths & Challenges


Student Plans Available

Proven plans designed by high school advisors to support classroom assignments.

"Students get excited to learn about themselves. Innate gives students permission to think of themselves differently and in positive ways."

Marissa C. – Villanova Preparatory School

Schools that are strengthening their college guidance with Innate Advisor™
Create a college essay that reveals something grades can’t.

The Innate Essay Writing Tool will help student’s create an essay that Admission Officers will want to read.

Customized College Scholarship Search Tool

Help Students Reduce College Tuition
Access 3.6M scholarship worth over $14B

Help Students Reduce College Tuition

Customized College Scholarship Search Tool Access 3.6M scholarships worth over $14B

What is a kid going to do for the rest of their life?

Help students find their Ideal Career

Backed with 15 years of experience profiling over 1,200 careers with 500+ companies, our predictive career modeling can match a student’s assessment results with a select list of ideal careers. And based on those ideal careers, we can determine the right majors and colleges that are the perfect match for each student, GUARANTEED!!

Find the Right College Major

You can’t choose a college major without knowing what careers you are aiming for.

Picking the wrong major will cost families thousands of dollars.  Don’t be like 50% of college students today who change their majors 3 or more times.  Innate helps you get I right the first time, GUARANTEED!!

Find the Perfect Match College

Definition of Perfect Match: Colleges that offer specific majors to support all the career options a student is interested in.

This is not about another college search tool, it’s about finding a student’s perfect match college. No other system can provide you with the ‘Perfect Match’ results. And it is guaranteed!

“Innate Advisor is a foundation for helping students find a pathway to their future.”


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